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Christmas countdown…

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. It’s been a busy and exciting year for us for all companies in the Vintage and Architectural group so here’s a recap of our year:


logo collage

At the beginning of the year we decided this year we would undergo a rebrand. The focus of our year was to consolidate the three companies under our new brand name which was more work than we could have imagined.

We slowly started our rebranding with fairs and leaflets building to our official rebrand from MASCo Architectural Salvage to Vintage and Architectural in October. We started designing logos, building a new website, social media, promotional material and we’ve had a fantastic response to our new look.


The highlight and main attraction of our rebranding was our huge in house auction in October. The auction was held to promote our rebrand and to make space in our showroom for new stock by auctioning 850 lots.


Andy Triplow, Director of Vintage & Architectural said “The auction was a great success and Wellers did an exceptional job of making sure the auction ran smoothly. We’re really pleased with outcome of the auction and there was a great atmosphere throughout the day. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the auction was a cleansing experience for us”

Fairs and shows

Reclaimed, antique and vintage pieces are unique and the products are full of history making vintage pieces in demand. With many beautiful vintage products to showcase and our rebranding to Vintage and Architectural we have attended various fairs and shows throughout the year.

Showmans wagon salvofair 2012

Every year we take a stand at The Listed Property Show held in London and this year was no exception. Our first show of the year began with The Listed Property Show in February. The show was held at Olympia and brought thousands of people in to view the services and products we had to offer. It’s a great venue to show case all of our products and to make new contacts. It was great networking experience meeting property owners, conservation officers, architects and planners. We received lots of interest in our products especially our original cast iron radiators and vintage floor tiles.  We will be doing the show again next year on 14th and 15th February.


After such a success at The Listed Property Show, we attended a more informal show. On 20th-22nd June we exhibited at the Decro Fair Knebworth. Knebworth’s fabulous open setting and the gorgeous warm weather provided the perfect opportunity for a great day out. We took a wide selection of stock to the fair which included vintage garden furniture, gothic door accessories, original cast iron radiators, reclaimed flooring and a few unique pieces of vintage furniture.

Hardware salvofair 2012

With our ever increasing services and stock, we held our very own ‘Vintage and Architectural Fair’ at The Old Radiator Company’s showroom in Kent. The fair was held on 11th and 12th July and it was the perfect opportunity to promote the rebranding to Vintage and Architectural.  Delicious coffee and cake was offered, together with the interesting range of stock made it a great day for visitors and a number of good sales for us. Some of the beautiful pieces we showcased included French panelled room, original restored ornate beeston radiators, reclaimed flooring, vintage lighting, industrial furniture as well as other stock.

Our last show of the year ended with Arthur Swallow’s Fair at Losely Park on 25th-27th July. It was Arthur Swallow’s  first venture to the South of England which proved to be a hit with local exhibitors and visitors. It was fantastic experience meeting and networking with customers and traders. With many unique and interesting items being shown at the fair brought in lots of interest. We displayed a various range of our stock including cast iron radiators, reclaimed Zurich deposit boxes and vintage floor tiles.


The highlight of this year has been the growing success of The Vintage Floor Tile Company. We have built up contacts with original floor tile restorers which has benefited ourselves and our customers with their wealth of knowledge and they appreciate our vast choice of original tiles. We have been told by customers that they have had a positive response from the planners on listed property projects when using original tiles from ourselves to extend and refurbish their existing floor.

P1020362 email

Our showroom now houses a great selection of industrial and vintage furniture, with dedicated areas for original radiators, original refurbished French and English bathroom ware and of course our flooring department with reclaimed timber and vintage floor tiles. With tiles sorted and neatly stacked in rows and together with a large layout area, we now have the facility to guide our clients through the process of choosing and designing a floor.

selection poished rads and fireplace1

We’ve had a busy year with fairs, auctions, rebranding, new stock, a new wesbite and the showroom and yard have underdone a refurb. We have lots of plans for 2015 so keep an eye out for our next blog for more details!

From the team at Vintage and Architectural, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember we’re closed for Christmas on 23rd December from 3pm until 9am on Monday 5th January.

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Seasonal Greetings

It’s only a few weeks until Christmas and we’re getting into the festive mood here at Vintage and Architectural. You may or may not have already started your Christmas shopping however if you’re struggling to find something special take a look our some of our stock for some inspiration.

xxxxmasssssWe will be closed on 24th December until 5th January. Remember to follow us on social media to keep updated with our latest news and stock!


This Vintage 1960s Chevrolet Fire Chief car would make the perfect Christmas for a collector. This toy car was manufactured by Ichiko in Japan and is very rare.


This beautiful original 1940s showman’s wagon has been restored with a modern twist. With a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom area this showman’s wagon is ideal for a guest suite or office.

Red wooden wine crate

 Store your wine bottles for Christmas in this vintage red wooden crate. This wooden wine crate would also make the perfect gift for wine lovers.


These Amish stars have been made by the Amish community in america for hundreds of years. Each different coloured star has it’s own meaning with this red star symbolises emotion, passion, charisma and creativity.

xmas collage

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MASCo’s new beginning…

The MASCo architectural auction was held on Saturday 18th October with the auction marking a new beginning for the  yard.  The auction was aimed to promote our rebrand and to make space in our showrooms for new stock. The sign has now changed and we are trying to remember to answer the phone as ‘Vintage and Architectural’.


The auction was a great success with Wellers Auctioneers auctioning off almost all of the 850 auction lots and there was an exciting bidding war on the large gates which had everyone captivated in the room and seemed to end with both parties happy as they each bought a pair of gates.  Only a few items weren’t sold as these had a reserve which wasn’t met so surprisingly the  1940s showman’s wagon and the French 19th century panelled rooms are still available to purchase from us.

panelled room and showmans wagon

Local country inn ‘The Ragged Cot’ provided a delicious range of food and hot and cold beverages throughout the day. Episodes of Father Ted were played in our vintage 1930s style cinema for bidders to watch whilst waiting for their lot number to come up.  The atmosphere was positive throughout the day with some bidders staying until the end of the auction and we are thankful to Terry for keeping up his enthusiasm until the very end.

ragged cot

Andy Triplow, Director of Vintage & Architectural said “Wellers did an exceptional job of making sure the auction ran smoothly. We’re really pleased with outcome of the auction and there was a great atmosphere throughout the day. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the auction was a cleansing experience for us”.


Vintage and Architectural,  working with our sister companies ‘The Old Radiator Company’ and ‘The Vintage Floor Tile Company’ ,will be focusing on original  cast iron radiators, reclaimed floor tiles,  unique bathrooms , timber flooring & hardware , vintage

Project1_Layout 1

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Original French 19th century decorative panelled rooms

At our auction on 18th October, two beautiful highly decorative French 19th century painted pine panelled rooms will go under the hammer. The panelled rooms were originally removed from a chateau in France and then installed at an address overlooking Hyde Park in London. MASCo removed the rooms from the London house around two and a half years ago.

Panelled room  One of two French 19th century decorative panelled rooms 

The rectangular larger of the two rooms (Lot 597) measures approximately 8m by 6m and 4.1m tall is estimated at £6,000 – £8,000.

Panelled room 5

The smaller pretty oval room (Lot 598) being approximately 5.5m long by 3.3m wide and 4m high is estimated at £4,000 -£6,000.

panelled room collage

Both these rooms are erected and will be available to view from October 11th onwards at:

MASCO Salvage/Vintage & Architectural, Cirencester Road,Aston Down, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 8PE.

Click here to view the online auction catalogue.

1940s Showman’s wagon

MASCo’s purchased the 1940s showman’s wagon in September 2011.  The showman’s wagon featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and if you look at repeats of the program you can see the details of the restoration.  The wagon was in a very sorry state when we took it over so we stripped it right back and carried out a total refurbishment.  Our passion for architectural reclaimed salvage played a huge part in the design.


The beautiful original hinged transom windows were sympathetically restored and new oak flooring laid.  For the kitchen and seating area we installed an original restored English Rose kitchen (red) with matching original bunkette seat (reupholstered  in leatherette with integral storage).  The original roof was exposed and restored where necessary (although it was in very good condition) before the roof was rewaterproofed and painted.

032_IMG_3797___inside showmans wagon2sw4

The bedroom is cosy with a made to measure double bed which has storage underneath to make the most of the available space.  The bathroom is a lavish affair featuring original teak boat decking with a waterproof black “marble” wall covering forming a unique wet room.  The wagon is structurally sound and the internal decorative elements are complete although the outside of the wagon does require minor restoration before painting in your personal colour preference and the utilities are to be installed.


Given that the wagon is on wheels and thus not a permanent structure it can be installed in a garden without the requirement for planning regulations giving a perfect guest suite or office. The length of the wagon is 8.1m by 2.4m

599 035_IMG_3877___Photo_by_Mark_Douet

If you would like to view the showman’s wagon please contact us to arrange an appointment.  Click here to find out more information.

The CircOlectric Stryker Bed

Revolutionary in its time the CircOlectric Stryker Bed is just one of the more unusual lots up for auction on Saturday 18th October.

6d2ebe64efac0111e1f64c9f7257904aStar lot: MASCo’s CircOlectric Stryker Bed

 During the 1950s, orthopaedic surgeon and inventor Dr Homer Stryker invented the CircOlectric hospital bed. It consisted of a bed suspended between two aluminium circular frames with an electric motor and was often referred as resembling a small ‘Ferris wheel’. The electric motor enabled the bed to be rotated to 210⁰ angle as well as different positions which allowed the patient the mobility needed to maintain normal functioning of their body systems. This helped the nurses and doctors to complete tasks such as moving the patients into different positions and feeding without causing too much strain on themselves; the patients often liked the bed as it was comfortable and they could operate the bed themselves.

IMGP0630More recently used as a cocktail bar

Click here to view the auction catalogue. If you can’t attend the auction, you can bid online via the-saleroom.

MASCo’s autumn auction

With less than 2 weeks away, the MASCo and Wellers Architectural Auction is an event not to be missed.


 Mid 20th century red velour cinema seats

850 auction lots will be going under the hammer, and there are many unique and unusual items to be sold. With so many auction lots there is no doubt there’s something for everyone with lots including 20th Century red velour cinema seats, tiger print tub chairs, a french museum cabinet and an CircOlectric Stryker bed. These are just a few examples of the lots being auctioned, most of the auction lots are unreserved so make sure you don’t miss out by saving the date in your diary.


Tiger print tub chairs

The auction will be taking place on Saturday 18th October at the ex-MASCo’s site in Stroud, Cotswolds. The auction will begin at 10am with local country inn ‘The Ragged Cot’ serving refreshments throughout the day.


CircOlectric Stryker bed

We encourage everyone who has an interest in vintage, period and reclaimed items to come along to the auction. The showrooms are open for business as usual for auction viewing and purchasing non auction stock item.


A French museum cabinet

The auction lots are available to view at the MASCo showrooms or via the online brochure which can be found on the MASCo homepage and social media pages.

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Can’t attend on the day of the auction? If you can’t bid in person you can bid online via the sale-room.

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